I admit, World Rabies Day does not invoke warm and fuzzy images of puppy dogs and kitty cats, but I’ll be brief

Is your dog “up to date” on his rabies vaccination?  Should she be?

My belief is more people need to do their own research and make educated decisions based on their own personal values.  The creation of World Rabies Day by the Rabies Alliance was to raise awareness of rabies, which I’m all for, but also to try to organize mass vaccinations of dogs, which I don’t agree with.

Overvaccination of kids and animals in America is at an all time high.  While people might intimidate you into believing vaccinations are mandatory, they are not.  Any animal or child with a compromised immune system should never receive a vaccination, they are just too dangerous and the vaccine literature clearly states against it.

But it goes beyond that.  If your vet is pushing for yearly vaccinations, they either have not read the updated recommendations or are simply looking more money, the AAHA recommends no more often than every 3 years for most core vaccines.

But even beyond that… EDUCATE YOURSELF. Don’t blindly follow.  Does your dog or cat really need that booster?  Do you know the harmful elements that are in every vaccine?  Have you heard of vaccine related sarcomas? Is it an accident there is a 75 cent fee on every human vaccine directed to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund? What is your risk level?

Rabies Prevention?  Yes, please learn about it. Rabies can be deadly if acquired and not caught early.  Learn.

How to celebrate World Rabies Day? In peace and health I hope.


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