Remember, we are more than one archetype. If you haven’t read my information about archetypes, please read this first.
Which of your animals thinks, no – knows, they are the one in charge? They believe they make the rules and they know what’s best for you, so you really should follow them. The Ruler might be a heavy-handed order-maker, or may fall onto the benevolent side, yet always maintaining control. Frequently the Ruler will have an air about them that will tolerate your “misbehavior,” and frankly it might feel like they’re judging you at times. They aren’t judging you, based on the conversations I’ve had, but it certainly seems like they are because we are relating their behavior to experiences we’ve had with people, and people may indeed be judging you. The fact is, even the most noble Ruler is grateful for his humans.
karenclevelandandtheanimals.comThese animals are order-driven, which often translates to routine- and schedule-driven. Try not to disrupt the daily routine without letting them know ahead of time: don’t replace or rearrange furniture on a whim; it will drive them crazy. Check out my “keeping them in the know” post for other ideas. Also, they want others to play when they want, and want to be left alone when they want. Having a routine that includes an established play time and nap time schedule can help keep the “underlings” out of trouble.
One thing they fear is chaos, that everything will fall apart if they’re gone or unable to perform. Sometimes when someone wants to take just one dog out for a treat, they seem hesitant to leave the house for fear the dogs left behind will wreak havoc. It’s best to acknowledge this and to reassure him/her that the house will still be there when you return. If possible, find them an able assistant to help manage the house.
If the Ruler is carried too far, there may be several possible outcomes, one of which is anxiety. While there are many forms of anxiety, this one is caused from too much to do! If you think you have an anxious Ruler dog or cat, relieve them of some of their self-imposed duties and assign them to you or another very capable being. For example, let them know they don’t have to inspect all four corners of the yard, they can do two today and two tomorrow, or that you’ll take care of it from now on.
Another outcome is being a little bit of a terror to those that won’t comply. In either case, find their other strong archetypes to
Weaknesses aside, a Ruler can be a great asset to a home. They will help keep order and keep you on schedule! A good job might be your morning alarm clock – right on time every day (be clear what weekends are!); helping the other animals learn the routine; just keep in mind they don’t have the patience a teacher might, and they like to be admired and respected, which is a job in itself, so be sure to admire them often! Cleanliness and grooming are also often important to these types, so be sure they are able to keep themselves well groomed. Keeping others in order can be part of a ruler’s job, such as herding.
Have fun with your Rulers, but don’t mess with them too much – happy Queen, happy home!
That’s how we are, and that’s how the animals are: different archetypes emerging at different times. Pay attention to the strongest qualities that your animal shows, and remember to play up or down the different qualities as needed.
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