Losing a pet is devastating; there is no way around it. Whether you knew it was coming and threw a celebration of life party, or the passing was a complete surprise, it is hard to let go of our beloveds.

www.karenclevelandandtheanimals.comWe believe our pets rely on us to provide the best possible care, so we often feel guilt along with sorrow in their passing. Of course we provide the best care we possibly can, but we often still think it wasn’t enough. We get lost in our head asking what we should have done or should not have done, and what would have happened if only we had done something differently. If only!

But there is good news; the animals that have died have something to tell you! Over the years, I have frequently talked with dead animals to help answer questions or communicate final goodbyes from their humans. The information I’ve received is consistent across the hundreds of deceased animals I’ve connected with.

Here is what the animals want you to know; please open your heart and read on…


  1. They chose to be with you at the end of their life

I can’t guess the reasons for their life’s ending as it did, but I do know this: never has an animal wished they had died sooner or later than they did. There might be contracts and agreements behind the scenes that we know nothing about, and if they chose to be with you, it’s because they knew you would make the right decisions at the right time. Even if you weren’t present, it was your presence of mind they chose.

There is a connection between you and your animal companion that you may not even realize is there, a connection so deep that it may completely escape your consciousness. Even if you don’t feel particularly connected or close to an animal, there is a bond there through which the “right time” for their transition is conveyed.


  1. They are still with you

While the body may be dead, the energy and spirit of the animal have simply transitioned to a new form. In this form they still know you; the deep bond of your relationship can never be severed. If they were your protector in life they will still watch out for you; if they were your nurturer through tough times, they’ll still take care of you.

Did you think you felt their presence the other day? I hear this all the time, and yes, it was likely your beloved pet checking in and still loving you, and feeling your love back.


  1. They are sorry for any pain or distress you experienced around their death

They are truly sorry for any suffering you might have experienced during the process, but it’s how they wanted to go. Their death was perfectly as intended. They chose to be with you for a specific reason – honor that. There are so many possible reasons things turned out the way they did that we’ll never understand, but they want you to know, it was all perfectly okay. Everything happened as it should have.


  1. They are still available for you, even more than before

While living on earth they had so much to keep them busy, but now they want you to call on them for help, for now they can orchestrate events on a whole new level. I’ve found that even animals that have been dead over 20 years are still around and willing to serve.

This may be a new concept for you, so to help put it in perspective, think about your deceased relatives – maybe grandparents, aunts, uncles or even saints and great teachers. Most of us are taught to reach out to them for help, to pray to them for Divine assistance. The same is true for the animals. I call them our Animal Allies – they’ve touched us on earth and now want to assist from beyond.

The next time you need help with existing animal issues, ask your deceased animals for help. Be open and receptive as you don’t know how the help will come. It might be in the actions of other living animals, it might be ideas that suddenly come to you on how to solve the issue, and it could be through another person. Know you can in any moment say, “Help me!” www.karenclevelandandtheanimals.com


It may take a while to fully comprehend and integrate some of these ideas. So take your time, and if you’ve recently lost your beloved pet don’t allow anyone else to tell you to get over it and move on, or tell you “it was only a pet.” Our bonds with animals run deep, sometimes much deeper than human bonds. Take your time to work through the grief process – it doesn’t matter how long it takes; it’s a very personal journey no one else can understand. If necessary, look for local support groups, plan a memorial service, or create a sacred space in memory of them.

Most importantly, above everything else, know that they still love you.

Please share this with anyone you know who could use it!

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