I’m so excited to announce my newest project!  I believe in the power of prayer, and I believe in helping animals, so I’m combining the two to serve animals through prayer – and I’m running a free 30 day program to let you get a taste for yourself!

Do you believe prayer can help with you and your animals?  If you have beloved pets in your house and would like to feel a closer connection to them, then why not try prayer?  We pray for so many other things – for ourselves or for others – it only makes sense to bring some of our closest companions in on the mix.

I work to create a better world for animals, and this is just one part of it.  Helping to create harmony in a home has far reaching effects to the world at large, it starts the ripple of peace, joy or happiness out into the neighborhood, through the city, through the state, country etc.  Why not let the smile that begets a smile begin with you and your pet?

I do believe our relationships with our animals can be improved through prayer, so I strongly encourage everyone to give it a try, plus it’s simple and free.

For more details click here or you can sign up below for the Free 30 Day Prayer Blessings for You and Your Animals. You will receive an email everyday for 30 days with an audio and printed prayer, more information will come once you sign up!

Be sure to follow through the complete signup process or you may not receive your daily prayer blessings! <!–

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