Prayer Support- For You and Your Animals

For Bereavement Support, please click here.    If you’re looking for support for self and not animals, please click here

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn or what to do.  We can get advice from just about anyone, but how do we really know what is right for us and our animals?   I know, I’ve been there! And that’s why I feel strongly to help if you have a troubling situation in your life with your animals.   In fact, I also strongly encourage you to see about my free offer for free prayers.

The spiritual support I offer for you and your animals might proceed in any one of many ways.  Sometimes the simplest step of guiding you in prayer with your animal helps, sometimes it involves other modalities, but always it starts with a conversation between me and you to see what is the right fit.

I saw Karen because my dog Jackson had suddenly stopped eating and after four days I was starting to get pretty nervous. She (Karen) has such a calming presence and the tools she used in her session with me put me at ease immediately. Before I went to see her I was feeling pretty helpless, and I left feeling like I had some very real ways in which I would be able to support Jackson, on top of the overall sense that I understood him better than I ever had.  That night I went home and he had some food out of my hand and the next day he was eating normally. What an incredible and powerful gift Karen has. I am so grateful to her. And thank you again for being available and taking the time and care to support us so readily.  Solveig, Seattle

There is a universal connection between us and all animals, indeed with all life, and so animal behavior and issues may be connected closer to us and our thoughts and expectations than people may realize.  A support session can help work through if and how we may be unintentionally affecting our animals.

These sessions are typically conducted on the phone, though arrangements for in-person pet blessings and events can be made.

Please contact me for questions or to schedule a session.  You can also read my blog post about working with this with animals.

The affirmative prayer I practice is called Spiritual Mind Treatment as taught by Ernest Holmes in the early 20th century.  Affirmative prayer is a powerful reminder of your connection with the Divine and all that automatically due us.


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