Remember, we are more than one archetype. If you haven’t read my information about archetypes, please read this first.

Chloe the Explorer on the wrong side of the cat fence!

Your explorer/wanderer is likely very hard to contain! They may love to sit and be loved for most of the day, but eventually the call of the wild comes and they must answer it! I have a wanderer, so I know how it sometimes feels like you’re torturing them when you keep them safe inside. They may seem like escape artists, testing the limits, but they are simply focused on “out there.”
You need to know it’s not about them trying to get away from you or being badly behaved; it is truly a deep nature call to explore and see what’s out there. If you don’t have a large piece of property for them to explore, you need to get creative to keep them both happy and safe.
Take walks in new places so they have new smells and sights to discover. Many people leash-train their cats; that is a safe way to let them roam the neighborhood with you.
Fences are mere obstacles and not barriers, so make sure you’re aware of that and build it up appropriately if necessary. Even if you do have a well-contained yard or area, this is most disagreeable to the explorer, so do find a way for them to get to new territories.
Explorers will drive you crazy if they are confined for a long time in a small area, and may become aggressive or even despondent. Be on the lookout for this and find ways to accommodate them. Another issue with the wanderer is that another animal may follow them out into the big world, and if they’re not as adept and street savvy, they may not find their way home.
A big risk for the wanderer leaving the home is that they get scared or sidetracked and then can’t find their way back home. Usually they have a very good tracking system and can easily find their way back, but a barking dog, fireworks, or honking car horn can scare them enough that they bolt and then don’t know where they are. Thus, it’s best if you’re with them while they explore so they are sure to return to
That’s how we are, and that’s how the animals are; different archetypes emerging at different times. Pay attention to the strongest qualities that your animal shows, and remember to play up or down the different qualities as needed.
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