Remember, we are more than one archetype. If you haven’t read my information about archetypes, please read this first.

The comedian/joker/trickster archetype loves to have fun! They really want to live in the moment with full enjoyment. If you have a joker in your home, you’ll know it because they make you laugh, and chances are you don’t even realize they do it on purpose. Examples of the comedian/joker include the Havanese, Miniature Bull Terrier, and Siberian Husky.

You’ll probably find that this archetype is always looking around for something fun to do, and will make play out of most anything. They fully believe in lightening the world and making the best of their time here.

Ms. Lily

However, you need to keep strict watch on the comedians/jokers, for they easily cross the line into being misunderstood and appearing to be a bully. I have a jokester cat. She loves to play, has been an avid player all her life, but when she tries to engage the other cats in the house, and they don’t want to play, she appears to be a bully. I know it’s not her intent to be a brat or bully, but she’s bored and wants to find something to do. If you think you have one in your house too, you need to have very firm rules and behavior expectations, and you need to have plenty of planned playtime for them.

Comedians/jokesters hate to be bored, so they are always on the prowl for fun, and sometimes this does lean to the dark side. It’s most important that you are aware of this situation so you don’t get mad at them. Instead you can work with it to allow their fun side to shine. Be sure to play up their alternate archetype if they start meandering towards the cruel side.

Training your comedian dog to do party tricks is almost always a success because they love to entertain and watch others having fun. With or without tricks, being the house host or entertainer is a great job for them.

Jesters really need a fun companion or someone who will at least put up with their antics, but be careful about having two of them in one house. That just might be more than anyone can handle, as they’d want to party all night long! A regular guy/gal is usually great company for them and won’t get them too riled up.

Just as people are, that’s how the animals are – different archetypes emerging at different times. Pay attention to the strongest qualities that your animal shows, and remember to play up or down the different qualities as needed.

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