Winning in Flea Season – without the chemicals

Every year it happens – some years worse than others – the fleas wander inside on our pets,  into the doggy daycare, or home from a sleepover, and then it begins. The itching, scratching, the little red bites on your ankles – time to do something!

But if you’re like me, you want to stay away from dangerous poisons that get applied to your beloved pet or sprayed about the room. So what to do?

Below is my anti-flea arsenal. Sometimes I need to use all of them, sometimes just one or two. Everything is completely safe for animals and kids, so there is no worry.


For the home:

If you have carpet, sprinkle Borax on and use a broom to spread it into the carpet fibers. Reapply after vacuuming.  If you have wood or linoleum floors, sprinkle all over the floors and allow to sit for at least 3 hours – longer if no company is coming! Sweep up and reapply as available. Be sure to get it in the corners good.

You can use these products in pet bedding, however laundering the bedding is more effective.

Furniture can also be treated with these products. although a good vacuum and cleaning does wonders.

This may not be the quickest, most efficient, but if you have kids or are just morbidly curious you’ll like this. At nighttime, fleas will jump towards light. Place a light low over a large shallow bowl or pan of water – be careful so no animals will knock this over during the night. Place the light 6 to 12 inches over the pan. The flea jumps to the light, falls in the pan of water, and cannot get out. If you have a bad flea problem, the morning water can be pretty gross.  Be sure and empty it before your pet drinks from it, and do not just toss it outside as living fleas will then have their second life.



Comb right into fur, especially around neck. The fleas hate it!



I know of animals of almost every species that benefit from Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in their water, just a teaspoon per bowl, but if your animals are as picky as mine it’s not that easy. To get them to ingest easily you can use the above mentioned trick of putting it on their fur and allowing them  to lick off, or simply take a paw or tail and dunk it in a small bowl of ACV/Water. They will then lick that off and into their gut. Just a side note – if you’re unfamiliar with all the benefits of ACV, google it!

Completely natural anti-parasitic from Dynamite products (click here for info).  This I typically give for the week or two around the full moon when parasites are at their most active, longer if we seem to have a real problem.


And that’s it! It’s never too early to start with the Borax or Herbal Tonic. The more you do now, the less you do later!

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