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You are encouraged to schedule an appointment directly on my scheduler below, or call 206-715-4865, but please feel free to self-schedule, I keep the calendar up to date and will contact you for further information once the appointment is booked.

Because of my commitment to Ministerial School, I’ve decided to make my primary animal communication days weekends only for now so I have dedicated time for my studies and dedicated time for the animals.   I realize this might be a hardship for some, in that case please contact me as an exception can be made.

Please look at the calendar below and see what  open appointment best fits your schedule, If you are in the Seattle area and prefer a home visit, there must be a 2 hour block open in order to accommodate travel time in addition to your hour appointment.

Payment can be made via paypal below, or sent to karenclevelandandtheanmals at gmail dot com, or I will contact you for payment method.

Animal Communication Rates:

By Phone:

30 minute $65

60 minutes $120

15 minute: $35  (follow up only)

At Your Seattle Location:

60 minutes   $145

For some situations a package my make more sense.

For newly diagnosed or chronic illnesses – a monthly check-in to see how animal is feeling on their prescribed medical plan can help both the person and animal feel confident and comfortable.   6 sessions over 6 Months $350  (One 60 minute, Five 30 minute)

Acute issues – more frequent but shorter sessions.  3 sessions over 6 weeks. $150 (One 60 minute, two 15 minute)

Energy Healing Rates: (By Phone)

One Session (about 60 minutes) – $120

Package of three (about 60 minutes each) – $300

Please let me know how you want to pay and request a paylink from me when you schedule your appointment!


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