Bereavement Support

First, please know I’m very sorry for the loss of your animal. I’ve lost many, so I know how bad it feels.

Losing our animals is not only hard, it flat-out sucks. Whether it’s the empty house when we come home or the memories strewn all over the house and yard, anything can remind us of our beloved pet and trigger feelings of loss and sorrow.

To make matters worse, we often feel like there is unfinished business. Either we didn’t see them at their death and couldn’t say goodbye, or we feel guilt about the way the death proceeded, or have unanswered questions. These things can haunt us if left unresolved.

I can help! I have connected with many deceased animals in my animal communication career and would love to help you put these issues to rest.

If you want my assistance in contacting your animal, please contact me.

Also know, there is a lot of support for grieving a deceased pet.

Please see my post On Death and Dying.

Check with your local animal shelter or humane society. There are often pet loss support groups.

Have a personal memorial, or an online memorial for your beloved pet at Rainbow Bridge.

Visit online pet loss support groups, such as

In memory of: Buddy, Precious, Boo, Abu, Mister, Missy, Tigger, Turk, Johnson, Duchess, Skydog, Susie, Calico, Jojo
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