Remember, we are more than one archetype. If you haven’t read my information about archetypes, please read this first.

Magicians and healers make things happen! But not by accident – they spend a lot of time studying the intricacies of the world and how it works. You might find them staring at you and watching what you’re doing, as if they are going to do it themselves someday. Dog breed examples of the magician/healer include the terrier, the sheepdog, and the

They do believe they will make things happen, and can make dreams come true. A lot of people recognize the healer in their animals, but not always the magician, yet there’s a very thin line between the two. Healers are more easily recognized because we might see them tending to another animal or person, and we don’t typically connect events or occurrences with our pet.

The magician/healer’s greatest fear is when they have an unexpected, undesired result of their alchemy. Maybe they’ve been working to bring a new dog or cat into the house, but when the new family member arrives, they discover they’re not as fun as they had planned.

The magician/healer loves to learn and apply, so good jobs for them will utilize both: explain everything you’re doing when they’re watching you, and then ask them to help fix something. You may say to yourself, “They can’t really fix my broken toilet,” but in their universe they can, and they do believe they are helping you. Or if you have a project that requires a lot of mental energy, ask them to send ideas and solutions your way. Healers get to heal for their job, so find someone/something in your home that needs healing and let them do it.

If the magician carries their skills too far, they’ll be seen as a manipulator, so keep an eye open for this. If you realize that you or someone else in the house is being manipulated by them, start downplaying this aspect and play up another side of them.

Good companions for them will be those that don’t get involved in the magical games and try to either stay clear of the magician, or boss them around. A magician left unmonitored can cause havoc in the house!

karenclevelandandtheanimals.comOn the other hand, your healer will need someone to participate and will go to great lengths to find someone or something to heal, including leaving the home permanently. Serial healers are not uncommon, moving from house to house as they are needed. Be aware of this if you want your healer with you forever.

I’ve had clients do just that, move from home to home within families as new people required healing and caretaking. Joe the dog might have started with Emma, but once her broken heart mended he moved on to Grandma’s house during her battle with cancer, and then to cousin Jeremy’s house while his family went through troubled times. We might think it’s random, but healers know what they’re doing.

Coming across a magician client is always a lot of fun, for they help me see the wonder of the world as they try to understand exactly how everything works. Many times they need to experience with as many senses as possible, including taste, so they often get in trouble for eating non-edible items.

That’s how we are, and that’s how the animals are – different archetypes emerging at different times. Pay attention to the strongest qualities that your animal shows, and remember to play up or down the different qualities as needed.

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