Animal Communication

jackprayerDoes your pet need a therapist?

They talk, I listen.  Then You and I discuss solutions.

So what can I help you with?

Here are just a few recent examples of why my clients call me:

  • Integrate a newly-blended family of cats and rabbits
  • Re-establish the harmony between 7 cats in a home after finding the underlying reason for sudden fights
  • Assist the person in knowing if it was time for her dear dog to transition and if the dog wanted help to do so
  • Help locate and calm a lost cat
  • Find out how the dogs felt about a new romantic relationship and possible relocation
  • Prepare both dogs and cats for a visit to the vet and what to expect

“Thank you for all the help you gave me. There has already been a huge difference in all our lives”

Are you ready for a peaceful shift in your household?  If so, contact me or schedule an appointment here.

Most appointments are completed by phone, in some situations I may come to your home.

About Animal Communication:

Our animals play very special roles in our lives, and miscommunication between you can seem to make everything a little more difficult.

I help people understand the animals in their life, whether they are cats, dogs, horses, pigs, cows – or any other.

Are you wondering what is going on with your animal companion?

My clients have many reasons to call me:

  • explanation for a recent behavior change
  • check in on health needs
  • reconnect, answer lasting questions with a deceased pet
  • assist in blending of new animal families
  • discover what they need or want from us, their people

“Jack took your advice the other day…next day he was back to his old self…he wags his tail a lot more again and barks “   A.L.

Animals communicate with each other sending thoughts, images, feelings even physical feelings, and with practice, we humans can re-establish our ability to communicate with them.  “Talking” with an animal is very gratifying, and helping the human understand why a behavior exists is even more rewarding. Animal communication helps relieve  the animal of any unsettling events from the past, often resulting in a “miraculous” behavior change.

During an Animal Communication I will help you to understand things as your animal does.  You will understand their decisions better, and you can make your choices accordingly knowing why they respond to you in certain ways.

I am a graduate of, and was on faculty at, Communication With All Life University. I now teach workshops and seminars across the nation to further my goal of creating a better world for animals.

Karen, we really appreciate your giftedness, and sharing it with us and the animals! Karen provided us with an amazing reading of our 2 dogs who had passed on awhile back. Not only did she read both dogs to a ‘T’, she also reported images that only our dogs could have shared! Karen, thank you so very much for conveying messages to and from our girls and for respecting, honoring and sharing in the remarkable relationships that we had with them! “ Pat A

Animal Communication Sessions

I can communicate with your animal via a private phone session, a private in-house appointment or as part of a group such as a doggie daycare or barn session.

During a private phone session you email a photo of the animal to me and we arrange a time to talk on the phone.  This can be very helpful for behavioral, training and health challenges and is a great opportunity to deepen your connection with your animal companion.

In some cases animal communication is just the start, to restore harmony there may also be a need for training, veterinary care or body/energy work.

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“I wanted to thank you for insights regarding Clancy…it is a relief that he is happy.”  NR

“Karen… how to exclaim my accolades of your work! I am eternally grateful for the “work”/ love you offered my kitty Katie and she is completely mobile and eating me out of house and home! YES! She meows a lot.   Loving your work,”  LD

Roxy and I take on a Fitness Challenge!

By on December 18, 2014


I’ve been inspired to make some changes in the house by a fitness challenge for animals and their people ( ).  My son has mentioned a few times that Roxy, my 8 ½ year old cat, is overweight  but I usually dismiss it.  With this challenge though I thought I’d look to see if indeed she is, and guess what?  Yes, she could lose a little fat!

There is no one rule for what a cat should weigh, but there is a pretty good visual guide here .  Looking at Roxy, I can see she’s above her ideal weight.

no defined waste

no defined waste

So where to start?

Current feeding schedule: self feeding dry food.  Wont eat canned food.  Cries for tuna constantly.

Doing some research I find that self-feeding is potentially quite detrimental to their health for several reasons.

One is that the stomach never fully empties before taking more bites. This keeps the cat in a constant digestive stage instead of moving out of digestive and into rest and healing.  Cats that self feed have higher diabetes and heart disease rates.

Another is that food should follow the hunt, or in our case play, so the digestive system readies for food intake by releasing digestive enzymes.

And yet another is when they are actually hungry at mealtime- they aren’t as picky!

Plan:      I will take Roxy off self-feeding and feed twice a day with a mix of wet and dry.

I will also play before mealtime to activate digestion.

This is a 6 week challenge, so check back and see how she’s doing!

This is Roxy EVERYTIME I go in the kitchen…


By on February 21, 2017


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