Animal Communication

Are you wondering what is going on with your animal companion?  I help people understand the animals in their life, whether they are cats, dogs, horses, pigs, cows – or any other.

Why use an animal communicator?  My clients have many reasons:

  • explanation for a recent behavior change
  • reconnect, answer lasting questions with a deceased pet
  • assist in blending of new animal families
  • discover what they need or want from us, their people

“Jack took your advice the other day…next day he was back to his old self…he wags his tail a lot more again and barks “   A.L.

Animals communicate with each other using telepathy, sending words, feelings or pictures, and with practice, we humans can re-establish our ability to communicate telepathically.  “Talking” with an animal is very gratifying, and helping the human understand why a behavior exists is even more rewarding. Animal communication can have the effect of the animal feeling like they got their life story off their chest and can modify their behavior as a result.

During an Animal Communication I will help you to understand things as your animal does, ultimately helping you to reframe the picture of the situation and make different choices as well!

I am a graduate of Communication With All Life University , a comprehensive Animal Communication Certification program founded by Joan Ranquet. This program is taught through ongoing  tele-seminars and weekend workshops in which we work directly with animals both locally and all over the country. With the help of the University, I was able to discover my intuitive gifts and then master them with the thorough curriculum.

Karen, we really appreciate your giftedness, and sharing it with us and the animals! Karen provided us with an amazing reading of our 2 dogs who had passed on awhile back. Not only did she read both dogs to a ‘T’, she also reported images that only our dogs could have shared! Karen, thank you so very much for conveying messages to and from our girls and for respecting, honoring and sharing in the remarkable relationships that we had with them! “ Pat A

Animal Communication Sessions

I can communicate with your animal via a private phone session, a private in-house appointment or as part of a group such as a doggie daycare or barn session.

During a private phone session you email a photo of the animal to me and we arrange a time to talk on the phone.  This can be very helpful for behavioral, training and health challenges and is a great opportunity to deepen your connection with your animal companion.

In some cases animal communication is just the start, to restore harmony there may also be a need for training, veterinary care or body/energy work.

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“I wanted to thank you for insights regarding Clancy…it is a relief that he is happy.”  NR

“Karen… how to exclaim my accolades of your work! I am eternally grateful for the “work”/ love you offered my kitty Katie and she is completely mobile and eating me out of house and home! YES! She meows a lot.   Loving your work,”  LD

Spirit the Leopard and Why Animal Communication is Important

By on March 18, 2014

The film clip from the documentary “The Animal Communicator” with Anna Breytenbach about Spirit the black leopard is a beautiful statement on the importance of Animal Communication.  It is not only important for captive wild animals, nor for our domesticated and pet animals, but important for the entire animal kingdom.

Spirit the black leopard

All life is composed of energy, and the energy field of every person or animal extends beyond themselves into one another forming one large, perfect, energy system.  Because of this energetic connection, what affects one life has a ripple effect that affects all lives.  When we help bring peace or joy into one life it has no choice but to also affect all other lives:  lifting fear from one life lifts all lives.

So why, specifically, is animal communication so important?  Anna shows us several important points in the video clip.

First – the name of the animal.

Everytime we say a word we subconsciously create pictures and/or feelings associated with that word (or Name in this case).  These images and emotions are then sent from us to those nearby we are talking to.  So when we calling an animal by their name, they automatically pick up our feelings and thoughts associated with it.

The beautiful, strong black leopard felt the name Diablo did not best represent him as it has a diabolic, dark meaning and he didn’t want to be perceived that way.  You may have seen yours or others pets in the same situation, either trying to live up to a particular name or trying to prove otherwise. Either way, the words we choose have an impact whether we consciously think about the pictures or feelings associated with it or not. While you may have chosen a perfectly lovely name for your animal, if the animal does not agree with the images it receives when people call that name, there is the chance behavior issues can arise.  If Diablo had had a different personality, he may have loved his name, but that was not the case.  Be aware of the words you use, and if necessary, an animal communicator can quickly sort issues due to nicknames or other frequently used household words.

Spirit talked to by Anna Breytenback

Second – Allowing (the more appropriately named) Spirit a voice. 

This is often the key in shifting behavior, letting the animal be heard.  Spirit expressed concern over the cubs left behind in the zoo he was rescued from. Once Jurg learned of his concern, he was able to tell the leopard what the fate of the cubs was.  Spirit was able to relax even more having had his concern addressed. Being heard and recognized is a very important for all creatures.

Third – Conveying expectations. 

Anna mentioned Spirit felt a relief in talking with her and finding out there were no demands of him. She was able to telepathically send this and other information to him, just as we can do with our beloved pets.  Spirit was so relieved and relaxed that he was actually interested in exploring outside his night shelter on his own. He was now able to freely move around knowing he would not be asked to do anything.

 Alleviating the stress, suspicion and viciousness of Spirit is a beautiful representation of how we can begin lifting the world one animal at a time.  Humans have created situations that put thousands of animals in stressful, fearful positions.  It seems the least we can do is to work at reversing our impact, if only one life at a time.

Helping a cat remember to use the litter box, or building confidence in a shy, fearful dog helps create harmony within one house.  This then begins the ripple effect for increasing harmony everywhere.

There is great joy in facilitating an improved human-animal relationship, and I wish it for everyone!

Video clip is below in case you’ve not seen it for yourself.

Westminster Dog Show Special!!

By on January 28, 2014

In honor of the upcoming Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show I’m offering a Best-In-Show Special! Now through the end of the show on February 11, you can purchase a 3 session communication/healing package at over 55% off! Session one is

Saying NO to Candida!

By on December 26, 2013

I have to say my dog Buddy is a very good sport! Looking back, I’d guess his candida overgrowth started at least a year ago, however because it’s  growth is slow yet steady, it took awhile to recognize the usual

October – Adopt A Dog Month

By on October 1, 2013

Celebrating Adopt-a-Dog month in October doesn’t need to result in a houseful of dogs! But wouldn’t it be great if it did?  Even so, if you don’t have room or resources for that right now there are still ways to

World Rabies Day, September 28

By on September 25, 2013

I admit, World Rabies Day does not invoke warm and fuzzy images of puppy dogs and kitty cats, but I’ll be brief. Is your dog “up to date” on his rabies vaccination?  Should she be? My belief is more people

Let’s Celebrate! Dogs in Politics Day aka Checkers Day September 23rd

By on September 18, 2013

I love a party, so I’ve decided to pay more attention to our beloved animal “holidays” – upcoming we have Checker’s Day and Dogs in Politics Day on September 23rd!Checkers Day in an animal blog?  Read on, it has nothing

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