Animal Communication

Our animals play very special roles in our lives, and miscommunication between you can make life hard

Are you wondering what is going on with your animal companion?  I help people understand the animals in their life, whether they are cats, dogs, horses, pigs, cows – or any other.

Why use an animal communicator?  My clients have many reasons:

  • explanation for a recent behavior change
  • check in on health needs
  • reconnect, answer lasting questions with a deceased pet
  • assist in blending of new animal families
  • discover what they need or want from us, their people

“Jack took your advice the other day…next day he was back to his old self…he wags his tail a lot more again and barks “   A.L.

Animals communicate with each other using telepathy, sending words, feelings or pictures, and with practice, we humans can re-establish our ability to communicate telepathically.  “Talking” with an animal is very gratifying, and helping the human understand why a behavior exists is even more rewarding. Animal communication can have the effect of the animal feeling like they got their life story off their chest and can modify their behavior as a result.

During an Animal Communication I will help you to understand things as your animal does, ultimately helping you to reframe the picture of the situation and make different choices as well!

I am a graduate of, and now Dean of Students at ,Communication With All Life University , a comprehensive Animal Communication Certification program . This program is taught through ongoing  tele-seminars,  weekend workshops and electives in which we work directly with animals both locally and all over the country. With the help of the University, people are able to discover their intuitive skills and then master them with the thorough curriculum.

Karen, we really appreciate your giftedness, and sharing it with us and the animals! Karen provided us with an amazing reading of our 2 dogs who had passed on awhile back. Not only did she read both dogs to a ‘T’, she also reported images that only our dogs could have shared! Karen, thank you so very much for conveying messages to and from our girls and for respecting, honoring and sharing in the remarkable relationships that we had with them! “ Pat A

Animal Communication Sessions

I can communicate with your animal via a private phone session, a private in-house appointment or as part of a group such as a doggie daycare or barn session.

During a private phone session you email a photo of the animal to me and we arrange a time to talk on the phone.  This can be very helpful for behavioral, training and health challenges and is a great opportunity to deepen your connection with your animal companion.

In some cases animal communication is just the start, to restore harmony there may also be a need for training, veterinary care or body/energy work.

Click here to set an appointment or Contact Me for more information


“I wanted to thank you for insights regarding Clancy…it is a relief that he is happy.”  NR

“Karen… how to exclaim my accolades of your work! I am eternally grateful for the “work”/ love you offered my kitty Katie and she is completely mobile and eating me out of house and home! YES! She meows a lot.   Loving your work,”  LD

karen cleveland animal communicator

The Vet Couldn’t Find Anything

By on February 4, 2015

“I took him to the vet but they didn’t find anything”

Sound familiar?  Have you ever taken your beloved animal to the vet only to come back without a resolution?   Believe it or not, I hear it pretty often.   Because we’re so connected to our animal family we know something is wrong, but we just don’t know what.    And because we don’t know what it is, we head to the vet hoping they know.

That’s where animal communication comes in.  This is where I help people save money, time, and stress in directing them to the best resources for their situation.

If your dog is having anxiety and hiding whenever a guest comes in the house, the vet can’t help except to prescribe an anti-anxiety med.  An animal communicator can help get to the root of the issue and offer multiple solutions to help the dog overcome it and let them be the greeter.

If your cat is not using the litter box, yes it may be a health issue requiring care, but it also might be the litter, the location, the loud noise next to the box, or numerous other situations.  We can tell you if it’s time for lab work,  or time for a simpler solution.

I would never recommend an animal communication session over necessary veterinary care,  but I do believe there are times gaining a little insight from the animal can help save money and time in dealing with some issues.

As an animal communicator I want the best for your animal just like you.

That’s why I have a large network of people I know and trust  that I can refer you to if the need arises. After connecting with your animal and looking at the cause of their (or your) distress, we can talk dog trainers, vets, chiropractors, body workers, nutrition, habits or whatever is necessary to get you both back to happy!


So the next time you’re feeling that something isn’t right, or even if you flat out know something is off! Trust yourself to know if it requires urgent vet care, and if it doesn’t then I encourage you to make an appointment with an animal communicator to help get to the root of the issue and prioritize your options.


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I’ll do almost anything for the animals:) Lately I’ve been combining my skills as an Animal Communicator and a Prayer Practitioner together, often with another bonus healing modality, all in order to help shift a challenge in an animal’s house.

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