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Well, Just What Were You Expecting? Be Aware of Your True Expectations

By on January 19, 2017

Ready for a test? Imagine you live in your home with a sweet adult dog. He’s been very good about going outside to potty all of his life until he got sick, then he started using the rug by the

Should he or shouldn't he?

“What do you want from me?” – Be Clear With Your Expectations

By on January 3, 2017

Do you think your pets know what is expected of them? Let me ask you – Have you ever been fired from a job for not doing something you didn’t even know you were supposed to do? Or, maybe your

Stretching Expectations: What is my Dog capable of?

By on June 11, 2013

We tend to live up to, or down to, others expectations, and our animals are no different.  If we have an expectation that we’ll come home to find cat potty on the new rug, there is a good chance we