I have to say my dog Buddy is a very good sport!Марши лестниц

Looking back, I’d guess his candida overgrowth started at least a year ago, however because it’s  growth is slow yet steady, it took awhile to recognize the usual symptoms: skin irritations and itchiness – which developed into hair loss and darkening of the skin; itchy ears; apparent decreasing vision; paw pads with open, stinky sores – all, I know now, are classic signs of candida overgrowth.

So what is Candida?  It’s a yeast that lives in small amounts in an animals digestive system (including us humans!). It helps breakdown  food and helps with nutrient absorption, however it can easily grow beyond necessity if we aren’t careful with diet or antibiotics.

Have you ever taken antibiotics and have the doctor or pharmacist also recommend you take lactobacillus or other live cultures with it? This is to keep the natural yeast in our body at bay because the usual anti-yeast guards are killed off with the antibiotics. Same goes for dogs/cats/etc

Have you ever baked bread or pastries with dry yeast and activated it with warm water and sugar?  This is just like our gut, yeast thrives in this moist environment of sugars and starches.

So over use of antibiotics, or excessive intake of sugars can encourage the candida growth.

So how does one treat candida without using more antibiotics or steroids?  (Which ultimately produce a rebound effect and creates more growth?)

Slowly and steadily, just like it set in.  Don’t treat the symptoms; treat the source which is the gut.

First, let me go back to how Buddy was displaying his symptoms – he had trouble seeing more than 2 house lengths away, as evidenced by his lack of interest in squirrels and cats in the road ahead of us when on a walk; the hair under his collar and ‘armpits’ had all come off, leaving darkened skin instead of his usual light, pinkish skin; shaking his head and scratching his ears often; limping on one or both front paws because of lesions on pads (creating the need to wear socks on walks) and walking slowly on a walk instead of his usual quick canter-gait.

How did I start the Candida battle?
I changed his food from one with potatoes in it to the one with lowest carbohydrates I could find, outside of a raw diet.  I started him on prebiotics (Dynamite Dyna-Pro).  However, and thank you for your patience Buddy, he started getting diarrhea and having gut problems so I took him off the Dyna Pro. After waiting a few weeks, I tried again with same results so I stopped it again and did more research – turns out diarrhea is the expected response for prebiotics in an unhealthy gut!  So treatment was delayed at least a month while I figured that detail out.  Back onto the Dyna-Pro he went!

I started giving various herbs like Black Walnut husk, coconut oil and other known yeast inhibitors. In addition I rotate all the following based on muscle testing every few weeks for what Buddy needs to keep on top of the candida – Dynamite Products Excel, Elixir, Herbal Greens, Herbal Tonic, SOD, Trace Elements (topically), Solace (topically), TNT,  plus no more treats made with grains or potatoes.

Today, 3 or 4 months later, Buddy is doing so much better!  His paws are healthy, he wants to chase the cat down the block, he’s not shaking his head anymore and his walks are often fast enough to be considered exercise again!  The candida is not yet fully controlled – it took a long time to grow in and takes a long time to die off – but it’s definitely better and I know Buddy is feeling much better.

If you or your animal is having any of the above symptoms I strongly recommend a little research and muscle testing to determine the best course of action for you and them.  Dynamite has a lot of products to support a healthy body – for ALL  kinds of animals – I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about them, so please ask!

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