I love this!  No Dog Gets Left Behind  is an organization started by Trish Gohl that provides financial support to reunite military personnel with the stray animals they’ve found and bonded with while at war. What a great idea, I fully support Trish in this.http://kahovka-service.ru

Why?  2 reasons, both dear to my heart.

1. The Dog.

Specifically, a dog losing it’s person is going to experience loss just as any person can, especially after bonding with them in stressful conditions.  Almost any dog owner can tell you that their dog experiences a range or emotions and anxiety.  These dogs are no different, no matter under what circumstances they find their person.  Being abandoned on the streets can be just as traumatic for them as for a Beverly Hills chihuahua.

2. The Person.

So much happens in these war zones that would traumatize even the strongest of us; so many of the troops see and do things that we can’t even imagine, things that they can’t even talk about, and that one else would ever understand, except for their animal companions.  These animals provide a comfort that those of us tucked safely in our homes might not comprehend.

Having to then leave this animal behind, an act that most likely resigns it to the streets, creates guilt and shame in addition to other personal loss.  Then returning home to an ungrateful society just increases stress and grief. A simple act of bringing the animal home helps in so many ways, for everyone.


I’m so grateful Trish  has started this organization, I hope it is wildly successful, for no matter how we feel about war or occupied zones, we owe it to every single person returning to their home the best possible chance for success and happiness.


For more information or to support:  www.save-the-pups.org

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