Animal Communication

Animal communication

I help people understand all the animals in their life, whether they are cats, dogs, horses, pigs, cows – or any other.

My clients have many reasons to call me:

  • explanation for a recent behavior change
  • end of life comfort needs
  • check in on health
  • reconnect, answer lasting questions with a deceased pet
  • assist in blending of new family members
  • discover what they need or want from us, their people

Animals communicate with each other by sending thoughts, images, emotions, even physical feelings, and with practice, we humans can re-establish our ability to communicate this way with them. “Talking” with an animal is very gratifying, and helping the human understand their animal companion is even more rewarding. Animal communication also helps relieve the animal of any unsettling events from the past, often resulting in a “miraculous” behavior change.

During an Animal Communication session, I will help you to understand the things your animal does or how your animal feels. You will better understand their decisions and motivations, and you can make choices accordingly, knowing why they respond to you in certain ways.

If you have questions about your animal companion you’d like answered you can schedule an appoint here. A 30 minute appointment is often enough to give you the basic answers you need,

Animal communication services

Animal mediumship

Mediumship is connecting with our deceased animals. Losing our animals impacts so much of our lives, whether it’s the empty house when we come home or the memories strewn all over the house and yard, anything can remind us of our beloved pet and trigger feelings of loss and sorrow.

To make matters worse, we often feel like there is unfinished business. Either we didn’t see them at their death and couldn’t say goodbye, or we feel guilty about the death process, or we still have unanswered questions; these things can haunt us if left unresolved.

I can help. I have connected with many deceased animals in my animal communication career and would love to help you put these issues to rest.

If you want my assistance in contacting your animal, please contact me.

Physical intuition

Physical intuition is the process of physically feeling what the animal feels. Many people want this when they feel their beloved pet is nearing the end of his/her life and want to make sure the animal is comfortable and if there is pain or not.  It is also be helpful when you feel like something just isn’t right, the vet can’t find anything wrong but you know something is going on.  I’m not a vet and I don’t diagnose any medical conditions, but I can tell you what the animal feels and you can decide the course of action. I’ve helped vets find cracked and hidden teeth, found abdominal growths, and guided a dog to the chiropractor where they located a pinched nerve, and many other physical ailments.

If you want guidance on how your animal feels right now you can schedule an appointment here.

Lost and missing animals

There are many reasons an animal becomes lost or displaced, and each situation requires a different method to bring them home. For example, a friendly dog that jumps out of a car in a parking lot during a road trip is different to find than the cat that is out hunting in the neighborhood. You can find out about the different techniques needed on my Lost and Missing pets page.–link  

Feet on the ground, talking to people, and eyes open-and- searching will be your most valuable tools, however if after you’ve begun the steps for recovering your beloved you want additional support, I can help determine their current location and status.  Please read through the Lost and missing pets page and make your appointment from there.

Behavior inquiry

Gradual or sudden behavior changes indicate something is going on with your pet!  And until we check in with them, we can’t always tell if it’s something internal or external causing them to act differently. For example, I talk to a lot of cats about their use, or lack of use, of the litterbox, yet rarely do I see the same reasons behind it. Every situation is unique and until we hear from the animal we can only guess on the best fix.

Schedule an appointment now for help in assessing a new behavior

General check in or message relay

Many times everything is just fine! But you want to make sure you aren’t missing something big, or you might want to let them know something important is coming up, such as your upcoming vacation or their trip to the vet.  I often check in with animals to ensure their needs are met, and also to convey messages from their people. A little check in can go a long way in averting future crises. I strongly advocate every person talk out loud to their animals, but I’m here if you want a little more reassurance or to help clarify incoming information.

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