Before I was an animal communicator I was a small-time animal-rights activist. I didn’t attend a lot of protests, but I did go to AR conferences, meet-ups and financially support AR groups. And I still do. However, after talking directly with some of these animals themselves, some of my thoughts towards the animal entertainment industry has shifted.Visual Cage

Why?  Now, as I talk with a thoroughbred now off the track, or with a children’s play pony or with a dog film-star, I gain insights into their lives, into their purpose, and into them.

Before I go any further I will add – abuse is abuse, and I do not tolerate or condone any mistreatment of animals, whether it is in your backyard, at the breeder, in a circus, or at the racetrack. Those opinions have not changed.

Through this series on my blog, I hope to show the world just what these animals think of their jobs, and how our interfering affects them, whether it’s in a negative or positive way, and pose the question – how do we best serve the animals?  Are we doing that now or do we need to continue to make more changes? What kind of changes?

I hope this to be an ongoing discussion between you, me and the animals.

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