I love Fall – time for Pet Blessings! Many churches have a pet blessing this time of year because we have the Feast of St Francis, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and National Pet Memorial day all within a three week period.  Pet blessings are a great time to mingle with and serve in the community by offering free animal communication readings for the dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and other species that show up!

This year was no different.  I was honored to serve with an associate Angela Livermore at the Unity of Bellevue Pet Blessing earlier this month.  Through the doors came the large and small, dressy and casual, rolling, walking and running – each as lovely as the other.

I feel so privileged and blessed to be allowed into the personal life of the cat or dog in order to find the reason behind their new antics, old habits or health quirks – and some of them do have a lot to say! I’m privy to everything from “Why wouldn’t I boss them around?” to “I love the couch movie time with her” to “I’m so beautiful!”  (Yes, You are!)

I’m then equally blessed to witness the relief, restored hope or optimism in their person when I cue them in on the animal’s perspective and facilitate a plan when necessary.


Pet Blessings – I don’t know who benefits more, for as I bless the beautiful animals, they in turn bless me even more 🙂




All photos courtesy Unity of Bellevue http://www.unityofbellevue.org/photo-gallery-0

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