Celebrating Adopt-a-Dog month in October doesn’t need to result in a houseful of dogs! But wouldn’t it be great if it did?  Even so, if you don’t have room or resources for that right now there are still ways to support these beautiful animals still waiting for homes.http://mensclub24.ru/

I would be remiss if I did not mention that in this situation, adopting a dog does not include buying dogs from breeders or pet shops.  Adopting means finding homes for dogs that are otherwise on a path to euthanasia.

Lets look at some numbers to see why adopting might be an important thing to do.

Every day about 10,000 dogs are “put down” in the United States.  TEN THOUSAND. Euthanized. Put to Sleep. Killed.

Within that 10,000 dogs EACH DAY, don’t you suppose there is every possible breed, age, color, size, sex and disposition? I would guess at least once every few weeks any kind of dog you could possibly want is euthanized. Purebreds, puppies, big, small, smart – any thing.

It would seem that removing that many dogs from the “dog pool” would leave it eventually empty and dry. But no.

Statistics are little less specific, but approximately 30-40,000 dogs are born every day in the U.S.  BORN every day!

That puts at least 20,000 more dogs a day into the mix.  So let me quickly plug – SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PET!  Can you see that we really don’t need any more animals right now?

But back to adopting – if you’ve ever been to a shelter or rescue,  you’ve likely seen there are far too many cute, sweet, loving dogs to choose from, it’s a difficult choice but they really will be grateful to come and live with you.

So do you see the need for adoption.? And the need to cut demand down from the breeders?  I’m not against purebreds, but we really don’t need so many puppy mills out there, and as I said, you can get a purebred from a rescue – they are all around the country if you just look (try Petfinder at least)

So maybe you can’t adopt a dog right now, can you foster?

I know living situations, work schedules etc can limit our ability to care for an animal in our home.

How about a donation of food or money?

Can you walk or pet a shelter dog once a week?

Share adoption information with friends considering getting a dog?

Anything you can do to give just one more dog a home is appreciated by dogs everywhere. And the Universe.


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