Dog Party!

AKA – Barn Party; Kitty Party; Cage, Tank or Den Party!

I call them Dog Parties because most guests bring their dogs, but it’s fun to do every kind of party, I even had guinea pigs one time!

Imagine you and your 10 best friends drinking wine (or any drink), eating delicious snacks, chatting, laughing, having a great time  – and one by one each guest gets an insightful reading with me and their favorite animal, sort of a Tupperware party without buying unnecessary items.

It’s fun, and you can earn a free reading too!

Depending on the number of guests, readings are typically preset for 15 or 20 minutes each so the party doesn’t go all night.  This gives us enough time to check in with an animal and begin troubleshooting if any challenges exist.

This provides a safe, fun first experience to someone that may not otherwise every think to contact an animal communicator, think of the service you’re providing their beloved animals!

Did I mention they are fun?  Guests have a great time at these unique parties.

I’d be happy to go over specific details with you or to schedule a party, give me a call or email.

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