Body Work and Healing

That which has created the body can heal the body

I am not a healer, your body- or that of the animal- is the healer, I simply facilitate the process in which the body can re-establish its optimum health.

I am not a physician nor a veterinarian and cannot diagnose or treat  any specific condition, I simply help the body help itself.

Animals are often treated in their home unless they are good travelers – I’d never ask for a cat to be brought to the studio! However many of my services can be done remotely – me in my studio while animal is in their home. If you have questions about any of these or the process please don’t hesitate to contact me.

“JC (cat) is doing wonderful.  He was playing w/out wheezing last night and slept next to (pet parent)  purring instead of hiding in a corner.   He hasn’t been scratching due to the iching of allergies. .. he’s looking bright and “in his body”.  OMG  you did great,  a huge Thank you!”

In person:
I have a studio in North Seattle I work out of, or I can travel locally.

Body Work:  Combining methods taught by Regan Golob, Joan Ranquet and other experts, this hands-on healing session can quickly help with physical issues.  These are non-force adjustments and is very gentle on the animal.

Remotely:    I can combine several forms of energy healing for the best benefit of my client, usually a mix of Scalar wave and Reiki..  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Bio-Scalar Wave
Bioscalar Energy work is a process of tapping into the Source of Energy that directly influences all body tissue and focus it for a specific healing purpose.  Although scalar energy is not new, Dr. Valerie Hunt developed methods to focus it for healing after observing the energy that psychic surgeons use when opening the human body without instruments, and has as well conducted her own clinical trials using this process.
Reiki is a form of energy medicine and a holistic healing system that helps a body heal where it is most needed. I help direct Universal Energy into the body and let it be used as the body needs it.  I can do this in person or remotely.

Please Contact Me for more information or to set up appointment

Client Comments

Please feel free to give your honest feedback. I do moderate for spam but otherwise leave posted comments. Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate the opportunity to work with you!    Comments specific to animal communication will be found on that page.


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