Beginning Animal Communication: How to Listen When Animals Talk Web-class

How to Listen When Animals Talk- Beginning animal communication class – Live Online

How long have you wanted to talk to animals?!  If you’re like most of us the answer is FOREVER!  And guess what? It IS possible!

This live web-class will help you master the fundamental skills needed to communicate with the animal kingdom. You can use these skills to build a closer relationship with your own animals, or if you work with animals professionally you can apply the same skills for a more productive appointment with your animal clients.

 And the Great Thing Is  – You’ll start connecting with animals right away in the first class!

Over the entire course of 6 weeks you’ll have the opportunity to connect with many species of animals including dogs, cats, horses, birds, and others. What kind of animal do YOU want to talk to?  I’ll try to make it work.


Week One

Introductions of class participants; goals and objectives.

Complete breakdown of what animal communication is, how and when it’s useful, how to do it.

Guided exercise followed by communicating with the first class animal.

Homework assignments given.

karenclevelandandtheanimals animal communication class

Malaki is a sweetie that loves to talk!

Week Two

Follow up on Homework questions.

Introduction of animal archetypes.

Communication with second class animal.

Homework assignments given.

Week Three

Follow up on Homework questions.

Introduction to and practice of medical intuition.

Communication with third class animal.

Homework assignments given.

Week Four

karenclevelandandtheanimals animal communication

You could have fun with your local pet blessings too if you choose, people love knowing whats up with their beloveds

Follow up on Homework questions.

Introduction to general energy medicine.

The 6 aspects of problem solving and creating a plan

Communication with fourth class animal.

Homework assignments given.

Week Five

Follow up on Homework questions.

Guest Expert- overview of energy medicine for animals.

Communication with fifth class animal.

Homework assignments given.

karenclevelandandtheanimals animal communication

Even a quick reading at a pet blessing is a lot of fun!

Week Six

Follow up on Homework questions.

Communication with sixth class animal.

Overview of advanced subjects: Lost, Mediumship, animal allies.

Options for advanced study.

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 Upon completion of the workshop you will:

  • Identify how animal communication works, and why it’s useful
  • Experience first-hand communication with at least 6-12 animals
  • Describe the basic tenets of energy medicine and when it’s useful for animals
  • Use the new skills to connect with your own animals more deeply and help others do the same
  • Demonstrate skills by problem solving a behavior issue with the use of animal communication
karenclevelandandtheanimals animalcommunication

Jack telling his story. What dogs will you be talking to?

Not sure if YOU can talk to animals?

I believe you can, even if you’ve never considered it before, even if you’re not from a psychic family!

I think anyone can learn to talk to animals, all it takes is guidance, belief and practice!

There is no such thing as the perfect student for this class.  Anyone that wants a deeper connection with animals or wants to help them in any way, this could include pet parents, veterinarians, vet assistants, pet sitters and walkers, animal trainers and every other animal lover.

Although each class will be recorded for later reference, it is encouraged that you attend at least 4 live web-classes in order to get the most benefit from the class.

Materials students are expected to have for class

  • Journal or notebook
  • Photos of living animal companions that can be emailed
  • Quiet and privacy as well as comfortable dress for meditative time
  • Time to “meet” with a class homework buddy once per week

ONLY $159 Low Introductory price!  Future class prices won’t be this low!!

Ready to SIGN UP?  Upcoming class dates and times:

CLASS FULL Tuesdays, 5:00 – 7:00 pm PST February 16 – March 22,2016 via live internet interactive video Contact me about waitlist


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Fridays, 10:00am-12:00pm PDT February 19- March 25, 2016 via live internet interactive video

Class full.  Contact me for upcoming dates/times

Purchase  $159


Beginning Animal Communication, Live or Online, is a prerequisite to the advanced mentorship program in which you can focus on lost animals, animal mediumship, energy medicine and advanced animal communication.

KarenClevelandandtheanimals animal communication

You never know who you’ll be talking to during, or after, your class with Karen Cleveland!

Karen Cleveland communicating with chicken


Questions?  Contact Karen at karenclevelandandtheanimals at gmail

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