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 Be Not Afraid

Some days run in themes, and Saturday was no different. I was working as a reader at EastWest Bookshop in Seattle and as soon as I walked in the door I saw a current student of mine. We discussed the recent terminal diagnosis of her cat while I got ready for my first session. It’s so easy to go to fear in that situation, not knowing how long you have, if the animal is in pain, if you’re waiting too long or not long enough before making the looming decision.

All my clients that day were cats.  The anxious cat when the boyfriend came over, but otherwise very loving.  The child that was terrified of the cat after a few rough scratches.  The two cats that would not get along.

And they all centered on fear.   In fact, right down to my discovery of a bronze Egyptian cat that I HAD to have, but was concerned about spending that money on myself so close to Christmas.

Here is what the cats had to say (I took the liberty of paraphrasing!):

  •  Trust your intuition and that you know what is rightCat
  • Understand I love you so much and only want what is best for you
  • Stand up for yourself when something doesn’t feel right
  • Honor yourself and your desires,  taking care of yourself better allows you to be more available to others.

The bottom line – Be Not Afraid, it will all work out.

Yes, I came home with the beautiful cat, now to find a deserving place in my home for her 🙂

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Roxy and I take on a Fitness Challenge!

I’ve been inspired to make some changes in the house by a fitness challenge for animals and their people (joanranquet.com/challenge ).  My son has mentioned a few times that Roxy, my 8 ½ year old cat, is overweight  but I usually dismiss it.  With this challenge though I thought I’d look to see if indeed she is, and guess what?  Yes, she could lose a little fat!

Thanks for reading to the end!  I love talking with you and your animals.  Let me know if there is anything special you think I should cover in a newsletter.

Happy New Year!


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