I’m so grateful to be involved in work that helps and serves the animals, and therefore the people.  Happy animals make happy people and happy people make happy animals, right?trevordiy.wordpress.comAton mebel

I know, maybe not all the time but much of the time, yes.

Being able to explain an animal’s behavior to their human companion can help alleviate the endless loop that frustration, expectation and behavior perpetuates. My letting a client know that his dog is taking on his worries helps end the cycle of anxiousness in the dog and unwanted behaviors that come with it.  Let the dog be a dog!

Even the smallest, seemingly insignificant touch or words can affect a life forever.

When my mentor Joan described, in just a few words, what she received via telepathy from Gemma the horse, she had no idea that it was likely saving Gemma’s life.  Being lost for over 24 hours, stuck on a ledge down a ravine unable to move or turn around, and unfound by traditional rescue efforts, Gemma may have never been found otherwise. It’s a very happy ending that is being credited to animal communication. (see Video)

I love that I can help educate, help release physical issues with body work, and even just listen to help restore balance and harmony in a family or house.

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